#get2know: Joanna, the Person Who Flies Ahead of Your Deals


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Say 'Hi' to Jo!

This is Joanna, affectionately known as ‘Jo’ by her peers, and she is the Partnership Manager at Carigos. As the main relationship manager in Carigos, Joanna handles the day-to-day needs of all our freight forwarding partners and clients.  

A Whole World to Connect With 

Freight forwarding is a very distributed industry, having no fixed point of origin and destination, it can range from Singapore to Hong Kong, Australia, or even Germany (etc.). Joanna puts in the effort to understand the needs of freight forwarders in Singapore and overseas. She is no stranger to forging new friendships with local and foreign partners. 

Her initiative is an important part of Carigos as we are a small and young company. Our priority is ensuring that each freight forwarder and logistic service provider is trustworthy and will deliver their promise to clients; and as the Partnership Manager, Joanna must identify these partners. She often leads overseas business trips to build new and nurture existing relationships with partners each year, ensuring that the quality of service remains high throughout time.  

As she likes to say: 

The rates of over 100 freight forwarders from so many countries are not consolidated from only 100 conversations.

Clearly, it takes a keen eye for planning year-round, a touch of personality and a diligent enjoyment in one’s work to take on this partnership role. 

When Work Brings Happiness

Luckily, Joanna is up for the role, stepping out of her comfort zone to travel and build relationship with business partners. “I love it!” she enthuses, “when I was told that travelling is part of my job aspects, I was super excited.”  

Airports in all shapes and forms are a common sight...
So are the novel and foreign pathways unique to every country

Speaking with her, there is an eagerness in her words that is energetic and refreshing. She describes overseas trips as “a way to put a face to the names I see in emails.”   

Usually, overseas meetings do not only consist of discussing freighting terminology; it is also about acquainting oneself to the unique culture of each party’s country and how they approach the freight industry. Joanna states that even though they all operate in the freighting industry, “the way they see the environment is different. It’s nice to cross-share such information.” She has a sincere desire to know her partners beyond the business-realm, from asking simple business-to-business questions of “what keeps your business going?” “or “what are you passionate about?”, to asking about their unique local food, architecture and culture.   

When the meetings wind down, her quick fix to relaxation involves sniffing out the best and most aromatic iced coffee in the vicinity. Her search has led her to find delightfully strong and sugary coffee, accompanied by the charming sceneries of Taiwan, Adelaide, Perth; you name the country, she’s probably been there. 

All in a Day’s Work 

At the end of all the overseas trips, Joanna is still happy to return to office. “My colleagues tell me, ‘Jo! It was so quiet without you in the office’,” Joanna laughs, thoroughly amused.  

While they are reflected on the screen as data points, each number that makes up our freight rates on Carigos has a personal story and I couldn’t have been happier to hear it first-hand. 

“All the effort — the travelling, the meetings, the stress and the laughter,” she recalls. “It was all worth it!”   

Despite working in a different job scopes within Carigos — myself in a marketing while she is in partnership – it is interesting to listen to others speak about their roles because of how unique their perspective and their job scope can be.   

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