Chong Chan Meng

Chan Meng is the General Manager of Carigos. He loves to read, think, and discuss the practice of leadership and personal growth. He is a proud father of 3, and 
de-stresses by travelling, doing the lindy hop, or preferably both together.

Andre Lim

Andre is the Chief Commercial Officer at Carigos.  His day is typically occupied with Carigos and his own horticulture business. Nonetheless, he is happy to connect with anyone who has ideas regarding start-ups or be out at sea with anyone who loves water sports.

Claudia Tan

Claudia is the Senior Branding and Marketing Executive at Carigos. She sees life as an adventure and wishes to try her hand in as many skills as possible. From video gaming, rock climbing, scuba diving, reading to researching; she plans to keep herself on her toes, both in mind and body!

Alexandra Cabatbat

Alexandra is the Content Marketing Intern of Carigos. She enjoys trying out new things and meeting new people. When she needs an energy booster, she throws on a pair of shoes to go dancing, take a solo trip to the beach or catch a movie by herself. 

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