Tips 101: Shoppers’ & Sellers’ Survival Tips and Promotions for 11.11!


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Avoid shopper’s remorse and logistics bottlenecks this 11.11! Meet these lovely people who’ve got some tips and tricks to share with shoppers and sellers to make your 11.11 experience enjoyable!

Tip for Sellers: Go BIG or go home!

“ We work closely with our star brands so that we can bring shoppers bigger and better exclusive discounts for our Super 11.11 Sale this year! With Carigos as our trusted partner, we are confident that all orders can be fulfilled in a timely manner in the midst of all the hype! ”

Enjoy Sift & Pick’s first-ever Super 11.11 Sale! From 5 to 18 November 2019, there will be huge discounts & exclusive deals for star K-Pop brands like MARHEN.J and Alice Martha, as well as other popular best-selling brands like Frequent Flyer, Goodordering and Grace Gift.

Enjoy up to 50% off on featured star brands and more at

Tip for Shoppers: Prepare your shopping list in advance!

“ This will be our first time participating in 11.11, and we aren’t holding back! Our buyers will get 11% off all purchases at our store at 38A Dunlop Street. Join our live stream and prepare a checklist of all the items you want to get on 11.11! ”

Strong-willed with a statement to be heard and a fashion statement to be made, Nina Zazali aims to bring vibrant and comfortable apparels to your doorstep! This 11.11, Love, Nina Zazali will be having a one-day-only promotion. Don’t miss it!

Get 11% off for all purchases at Love, Nina Zazali’s physical store.
Exclusive Carigos-only promo: Quote LNZCAR11 during her 11.11 live stream for 11% off!

Tip for Sellers: Ensure adequate stocks to fulfil the expected increase in demand!

“ I’m ecstatic to share this product with mummies and babies at 11% off for 11.11! We stocked up more packets and bottles to prepare for more orders during the 11.11 sales, and confident that Carigos can help fulfil them all! ”

A mother’s will is strong, and Suwen’s love for her son was one of the reasons that Wen’s Whitebait was founded. Rich in nutrition and vitamins, Wen’s Whitebait powder provides the best for children and expecting mothers. Find out more about this product at and their 11.11 deal!

Get 11% off for your purchase at Wen’s Whitebait with this promo code: WWBCAR11

Tip for Shoppers: Avoid regrets by doing your research before 11.11!

“ Do your research well before the event. Make sure to compare prices across all platforms like Shopee, Lazada as well as the main stores themselves. While 11.11 is the main event, most retailers and even ourselves often advertise super deal prices before the event. There are also midnight madness sales and early-bird specials as a prelude to the main event, allowing customers to snag deals way in advance. More importantly, ensure to research the product you want carefully to make sure you don’t get caught up in the sale, buying something you would later regret.

Carigos is our courier of choice when we want timely delivery and peace of mind. We can ensure the 11.11 timelines are met as customers are more impatient during sale periods like this. ”

Discover the value of a fully customisable and beautiful PC with Singapore-born company, Dreamcore. Not only are these PCs small and power packed, Dreamcore provides you with a future proof solution as well! Get a free upgrade to 1TB NVMe SSD disk with any 512GB NVMe SSD disk, and other crazy deals at their website!

Get crazy discounts on their Custom PC range and what’s even more exciting is that they’re also having a huge special on their sister brand, SuperSolid. The SuperSolid XG340R is a 21:9 Ultrawide QHD 100Hz monitor for gaming and productivity. Best to save the link and add it to your cart before the event!

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